A professionally installed roofing system will last a long time, but it won’t last forever. If you think you need roof repair, be sure to contact a licensed, insured service provider. Not only will reputable roofing companies inspect your roof for free, if they determine that one or more problems need to be addressed, they’ll provide you with a written estimate and a quote. But before we put cars before horses, we wanted to list some of the most common roof problems that occur in SWFL.

Shoddy installation

Last month, we outlined various reasons that you should work with a reputable roofing contractor. Again, saving money on the front end of a job may seem like an attractive option, but when you cut corners on a roof install, you’ll likely wind up paying a lot more on the back end. Inexperienced roofing crews are more likely to make mistakes—and fixing these types of mistakes can be expensive.

Are we suggesting you shouldn’t work with a company that’s only a couple of years old? Not necessarily. For example, if Jim Smith has been working in the roofing industry for 15 years and he’s finally decided to start his own company (and he’s hired a seasoned team), his company might be a safe choice. On the other hand, if 20-year-old John Johnson worked as a roofing apprentice for 3 months last year, and he’s since decided to start his own roof replacement firm (and you hire him because he’s offering you a big discount), you could run into some problems. Remember- when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, you shouldn’t automatically go with the cheapest bid. There are lots of other things you’ll want to consider.

The roof isn’t properly ventilated

In the past, we’ve also posted blogs about why roof ventilation is important. To recap, when a roof isn’t ventilated properly, moisture (and heat) can build up beneath your roofing system.  This can cause a number of problems including but not limited to increased energy costs, mold, mildew and damage to your roofing systems.

In closing

If you think it might be time for roof repair or roof replacement, call our company today to schedule a free, no-hassle inspection. If we do determine that something is amiss, we’ll discuss our findings with you at length. We’ll also provide you with a detailed, written quote. What are you waiting for? Call Kleinberger Corporation today to get started.