Our company has written numerous blogs about the importance of roof inspections. Not only do they allow you to identify (and repair) small problems before they turn into larger, more costly problems, reputable roofing companies provide this service at no cost.

Most experts recommend that you have your roof inspected at least twice per year—in the spring, the fall, and after every major weather event.

However, that’s not to say that you should allow just anyone to give your roofing system a once over. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends that homeowners be on the lookout for the following con.

The free roof inspection con

Would you hire a dentist that’s going door to door in your neighborhood in hopes of drumming up business? No. Suffice to say, if a “roofer” is knocking on all of the doors on your street as a means of finding some new clients, this is a big red flag.

(Especially if they claim to be from a company that has a generic name, such as “Your Town Roofers” or “SWFL Contractors.”)

The bottom line is this- if someone shows up at your door to offer you a free roof inspection because they’re “already doing work on your neighbor’s home,” be very, very wary. Especially if you ask questions about where the business is located or how their services work, and you’re met with vague answers.  Or, if this person called you out of the blue on the phone, they may simply hang up.

If you accept the free inspection, and the “inspector” shows up at your house, and they don’t find enough wear and tear to merit a whole new roof, they may fabricate it by tearing off shingles to mimic wind damage. Or they may simply show you pictures of someone else’s damaged roof.

Don’t hire this company! If you’re concerned your roof does need repairs, call a local, reputable contractor for a second opinion.

Per the BBB:

Beware of unsolicited offers. Most scams begin with a contractor who “just happens to be in the area” and notices your roof or home has the appearance of needing repairs from the outside. Roofing scams typically increase in frequency after a powerful storm, so stay alert.

Get your insurance company to inspect your roof. Before signing any paperwork or contracts with a roofing company, have your insurance company come out for an inspection to verify the need for repairs or replacements.

If you need help with a free, reputable roof inspection, we can help. Call Kleinberger Corporation today to speak with a local expert.