Roof maintenance for your SWFL home is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.  For example, having your roof inspected at least twice a year (in the spring, in the fall, and after every major weather event), will allow you to identify small problems before they turn into big ones.

Remember- your roof is among the most important and expensive components of your home. Taking care of it now can save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Why? Because a well-cared for roofing system will last a lot longer than a roof that’s ignored.

The car example

Imagine that you go down to the local Audi dealership and you buy two identical cars. They’re the same model, the same color, and you plan to drive each of them an equal number of miles.

Now let’s imagine that you’re diligent about taking car #1 in for regular maintenance. You rotate the tires, change the oil, and change the other engine fluids as needed.  When it comes to car #2, however, you plan to take a different approach. You neglect the tire pressure, regular maintenance, and  you figure the oil that the car had when it was sold to you should be sufficient for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Which car do you think will last longer?

When to call a roofer

In addition to having your roof evaluated at least twice a year, you should contact a roofer if you suspect the following:

  •         You suspect you have problems with your gutters
  •         You know that your roof has been damaged
  •         Your roof is leaking
  •         You spot roofing materials (from your home) in your yard
  •         You know your home was built at the same time as other homes in your neighborhood and you’ve noticed that your neighbors are in the process of re-roofing their homes
  •         You’re not sure how old your roof is and you have questions about when you might need to have your current roof replaced
  •         You’re thinking about putting your home on the market.  In this case, you’ll want to call a roofer for a free roof inspection to determine whether repairs will be needed before you list the property.
  •         You’re in the market for a home and you’ve found one that you like.  In this case, the roofer will give you a full evaluation of the state of the roofing system, which can help you identify whether repairs (or replacement) will be needed in the near future

Do you have questions about roof repair or roof replacement in SWFL? We can help. Call our office today to speak with a local expert.