Most homeowners don’t get excited about needing to hire a roofing contractor. However, if you need to hire a company to help you repair or replace your roof, you’ll want to ensure you hire the best one for the job. Below are just a few of the tips you can use to ensure you make the right decision.

Ask if they’re licensed and insured

Make sure the contractor you choose has a valid FL contractor’s license and that their insurance is up to date. This will protect you in case of any accidents or damage during the project. Hiring an unlicensed/ uninsured contractor could be disastrous. For example if they start the work and don’t finish, or if they take your money and disappear, you won’t have any recourse.

Additionally, if they’re not insured and one of their workers sustains an injury on your property, you could be liable to cover their medical bills. Never, ever hire an unlicensed/ uninsured contractor. Any money you save on the front end could cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on the backend.

Ask about their experience

It’s always best to choose a contractor who has been in the roofing business for several years. An experienced contractor will have the knowledge and skills needed to handle any roofing project. Are we saying you shouldn’t hire a newer company? Not necessarily. If the new company was started by Joe Smith (who has 15 years working in the industry), you’ll likely be in good hands. If the company is brand-new and it was started by two early-20-somethings who did 3 months of roofing work one summer when they were on break from college, this is likely a company you should steer clear of.

Get referrals
 Ask friends, family, and neighbors for referrals. If ABC Roofing Company did a great job for your friends, family, or neighbors, they’ll likely do a great job for you.

Check online reviews

Be sure to check to see that the company you’re working with has positive online reviews. This will give you an idea of the contractor’s reputation and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, if they have numerous 1-star reviews, this should be viewed as a big red flag.

If you have questions about roof repair or roof replacement in SWFL and you’re interested in learning more about how to hire the best contractor for the job, we can help. Call Kleinberger Corporation today to speak with a local expert.