Life circumstances often change, which means that the home you bought 10-15 years ago might not meet your needs today.  Outgrowing one’s home is a common phenomenon, and if you’ve been thinking that your life would be better if you had more room for yourself, your kids, your hobbies and/or your pets, it may be time for an upgrade.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home but you’re not sure if now is the time to do so, below are just a few of the signs that you’ve outgrown the space you’re currently living in.

Your living space feels increasingly limited

One of the most obvious signs that you have outgrown your current home is having a sense that you no longer have enough space to accommodate your needs.  Regardless as to whether your family has grown, you’ve started working from home (and you’ve found that having your home office desk in the corner of your living room isn’t ideal), or you consistently find yourself bumping into furniture or climbing over your kids’ toys, not having enough space can have every member of your family feeling frustrated.

Living in a home that lacks sufficient space can also decrease your quality of life. For example, if you find that you feel cramped more days than not, it may be time to consider moving into a larger home.  You may find that moving into a home with additional square footage can benefit all members of your family.

Your lifestyle has changed

Much like your space needs can evolve over time, it’s not unusual for one’s lifestyle to change over time as well.

For example, have you developed new hobbies or interests that require dedicated space, such as a home gym, art studio, or home office? Or, have you found that you’re entertaining guests more frequently, but you lack sufficient space to host game nights, movie nights, or dinners?  Do you find yourself wishing that you had an extra bedroom for when family members come to visit?  All of these situations can indicate that your current home no longer meets your needs.

Additionally, if you’ve decided you’d like to have additional outdoor amenities, such as a larger yard, a garden, or a pool, and your current property can’t accommodate them, this is another sign that you’ve outgrown your current home.

You lack sufficient privacy

Privacy is essential- especially when there are multiple people living in your household.  Living in a 2-bedroom home with one bathroom may have been fine when you were single, but if you’ve since gotten married and started a family, this home may not meet your needs today.

If your family has grown, you may also find that you lack sufficient space between your sleeping and living spaces.  For example, if your bedroom doubles as your home office, but you find you’re constantly interrupted by noise from the living room television, it’s probably time to talk to a real estate agent. 

You’re constantly wishing you had more storage

Lagging storage space can drive homeowners batty. Not only can this lead to cluttered living spaces, it can also make it difficult to organize your belongings.  If you find yourself constantly struggling to find places to store holiday decorations, kids’ toys, sports equipment, and other related items, this is a telltale sign that you’ve outgrown your home. In this case, upgrading to a home with additional storage spaces, such as walk-in closets and/or a larger garage, can greatly improve your living experience.

Your finances have improved

Changes in your finances should also be considered when evaluating whether you’ve grown out of your current home. If your financial situation has improved over time, due to increased income, an improved credit score, or decreased debt, it may be an opportune moment to upgrade your living space.

Assessing your budget and financial goals can help you determine if you’re in a position to afford a larger property that better aligns with your current lifestyle and long-term plans.

Final thoughts

Recognizing the signs that you have outgrown your current home can help you make informed decisions about your living situation. Regardless as to whether you’d like more floor space, more privacy, more storage, or an extra room for a home office or gym, you may find that moving into something larger can better meet your needs. For additional information on the signs that it’s time to upgrade your home, be sure to talk to a local real estate agent that you trust.