As adults, we understand the importance of seeing a dentist twice a year. Even if you don’t think you have any cavities, semi-annual checkups ensure that your teeth stay in good shape.

Imagine what would happen if you stopped going to the dentist. If you did start to develop a problem, you might not become aware of that problem until you develop a tooth ache—and once you do develop a toothache, your issue is likely severe.

So what do semi-annual dental checkups have to do with your roofing system? A lot, actually. Both your teeth and your roof should be checked out twice a year. Not only will this help you identify potential small problems before they turn into big ones, these appointments can help ensure that your teeth and your roofing materials last as long as possible.

Roofing materials inspection

Southwest Florida gets its fair share of storms. From hurricanes, to tropical storms, to gale force winds, the weather can take a huge toll on your roofing system. Consequently, you’ll want to have your roofing materials checked out after every major storm.

If you’re concerned about the cost for this, you shouldn’t be. Reputable roofing contractors in Naples, FL provide this service for free. If they do find that your roofing materials have been damaged, they’ll explain their findings and provide you with a written repair estimate. If it’s determined that your homeowners insurance policy will pay for the repairs, the company will work with your insurance provider.

They’ll be more apt to spot damage

As we just noted, roof inspections are free, which means there’s no need for you to climb atop your home to inspect your roofing system yourself. In addition to being dangerous, there’s a good chance that you may miss signs of damage. Professional roofers understand what to look for. They’ll inspect your flashing, your roofing materials and they’ll make sure your gutters are intact.

Final thoughts

Taking proactive steps to care for your roof will help ensure that your roofing system lasts as long as possible. For more information about the benefits of scheduling semi-annual roof inspections, or if you’d like to schedule a post-storm roof inspection, we can help. Call our office today at (239) 289-7683 to get started. Our company is licensed, insured and dependable. Call Kleinberger Corporation today to learn why we’re the top-rated roofing contractor in the state.