If you’re reading our blog it’s likely because you’ve been conducting online searches about roof repair. Perhaps you’re doing research because you need to reroof your home. Or, perhaps the region has just been hit by a major storm and you suspect your roofing system may have been damaged. Regardless as to how you found us, you likely understand the importance of hiring a reputable, local company that knows how to get the job done right.

For this blog, we wanted to highlight 3 tips that you can use to do just that.

Ask tons of questions

As you start to evaluate roofers, be sure to ask lots of questions. Sample questions may relate to how long they’ve been in business, whether they’re licensed and insured, and whether they use their own people or if they hire subcontractors. Lastly, be sure to ask them to provide you with detailed information about the type of materials and workmanship warranties that they offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references

Remember- the company that gives you the cheapest quote may not be the best company for the job. Always, always ask potential contractors for references. You may also want to ask them for 3 references whose last name starts with a certain letter. This will help ensure you’re getting a true random sampling (as opposed to them giving you the names of 3 prior clients who are guaranteed to rave about their work.)  As you start to check references, be sure to ask if the company finished the work on time and on budget, whether the workers cleaned up your property when the job was done, and whether they had any customer service issues.

Lastly, be sure to take some time to check out the company’s online reviews. If they have tons of 5-star reviews, that’s a good sign. On the other hand, if all you see are customer complaints, this probably isn’t the organization you want to hire.

Ask for proof of licensing and insurance

There are numerous dangers associated with hiring an unlicensed / uninsured roofer. If the company’s license number isn’t listed on their website, this should raise an eyebrow. If everything else about them seems to check out, be sure to ask them to provide you their licensing and insurance information. A reputable company will have no qualms about giving it to you.

For more information about the types of questions you should ask when you’re interviewing potential roofing companies, we can help. Call our office today to get started.