Hiring a contractor can be stressful- especially if this is something you haven’t done before. On one hand you want to make sure you get the best price, but on the other hand, you likely know that the “cheapest” bid isn’t always the “best” bid.

Regardless as to whether you need a car repairman, pool maintenance company, or a roofing contractor, there are lots of bad actors out there. Suffice to say, when it comes time to hire someone, you’ll want to do your homework.

Below are just a few of the signs that the roofer you’re considering isn’t legitimate.

They don’t have a website

If the roofer you’re considering doesn’t have a website (or an online presence) there’s likely a reason for that (i.e., there’s a good chance the company isn’t licensed or insured.) Reputable companies can be found online and they should have both a website and a social media presence. If they don’t have a website, social pages, and you can’t find them on Yelp or Google+, this is a big red flag.

If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you won’t have any guarantees that they won’t take your money and run. You also won’t have any guarantees that they’ll start and finish the job as promised.

They’re asking for an astronomical down payment

It’s common practice for roofing companies in Naples to ask for a down payment on a project. Although the exact size of the down payment a company asks for can vary, they’ll typically ask for an up-front payment that’s equal to the materials cost. If the person you’re speaking with is using high-pressure sales tactics and they’re pressuring you to give them 40%, 50%, or 70% of the job cost, up front, this is also a red flag.

Risks of working with an unlicensed contractor

Unlicensed / uninsured contractors are known for underbidding reputable companies-  however, there are numerous risks associated with hiring one. For example, if one of their workers gets injured while on your property, you could be liable to cover their medical expenses. Additionally, if they don’t fully pay the company they bought their materials from, the company could potentially put a lien against your home.

Choosing the right roofing contractor in Naples, FL

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