If your home sustains storm damage from tropical storm-force winds, flying debris, or because a tree has fallen onto your home, you’ll want to call a local roofer right away.  Not only will this ensure the damage is repaired quickly, calling a contractor right away will help mitigate additional damage to your home.

First things first

When you hire a roofing company make sure you hire a contractor that’s licensed, insured, and reputable. If you see people walking through your neighborhood passing out business cards, in an attempt to solicit business, this is not a company you’ll want to hire.

There have been countless news stories about SWFL homeowners hiring these types of companies only to later learn that the sales pitch was a scam. For example, they were either asked to put down a large deposit (only to have the salesperson disappear as soon as they received the cash), or in other instances, they start (but never complete) the repair job. Never, ever hire a contractor who is knocking on doors throughout your neighborhood.

Take photos of the damage

Roof storm damage is often covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. After you call a roofer, be sure to photograph the damage. Be sure to take pictures of interior and exterior damage, as this will be helpful when you file an insurance claim.

Additionally, reputable roofers will often work with your insurance carrier directly to get the repairs handled. For more information about how our company helps clients in this type of situation, call our office now to speak with an expert.

Do not attempt a DIY repair

As we’ve noted in the past, DIY roofing repairs are not only dangerous, homeowners who attempt to tackle this type of job themselves run a serious risk of making mistakes. Not only could you wind up causing additional damage to your roofing system, you won’t be covered by a materials or workmanship warranty. Remember- saving a few bucks on the front end can seem like a good idea until you realize that DIY roof repair could cost you thousands more dollars on the back end.

In closing

Do you need help with emergency roof repair in Southwest Florida? If so, we’re here to help. Call the experts at Kleinberger Corporation today to learn why we’re the #1 emergency roof repair company in the region.