In our last blog post we addressed two common questions about roof inspections. For this post, we wanted to delve a bit deeper.

What happens during a roof inspection?

When you schedule an inspection, the contractor will evaluate several things. They’ll check the gutters, the vents, and they’ll check to see if your roof tiles (or shingles) are damaged or missing. They’ll also check for water damage, rust, inspect the flashing, and inspect the seals around your vent pipes. Lastly, the contractor will inspect the interior ceilings to check for rot, water stains, and other signs that water is leaking into your home.

Can inspect my own roof?

If you’re a licensed roofing contractor, it’s likely safe for you to inspect your own roof. On the other hand, if roofs aren’t your specialty, this is a task you’ll want to leave to the pros. Why? First, roofing professionals will know what to look for. If you inspect your roof yourself, you run the risk of missing something that may need to be repaired. And, as we’ve mentioned previously, minor repairs are easier and less expensive to fix than big ones. Second, you can likely find a contractor that’s will perform a roof inspection for free. Third, an experienced roofer will be able to do the job safely. If you’re not accustomed to being on a roof, you run the risk of falling and becoming seriously injured. Always, leave this type of job to a professional.

What happens if the contractor finds damage?

If the person who is inspecting your roof determines that one or more repairs is needed, they’ll discuss their findings with you. They’ll let you know the extent of the damage, how quickly the repairs should be made, and what the repairs will entail. At this point, you can ask questions about how long the job will take and whether you need to be home while it’s being done. From there, the contractor will prepare a written repair estimate, which will include a breakdown of costs, including labour costs and materials costs. If you’re ready to move forward, they’ll help you schedule a date and time to have the job done.

In closing

If you take care of your roof, your roof will take care of you. For more information about what happens during a roofing inspection, how long the inspection will take, and how frequently you should have one done, call Kleinberger Corporation today to speak with customer care agent in your area.