If you’ve never hired a roofer before (or it’s been years since the last time you did it), you likely have questions about how to hire the best and most reputable company for the job. Below are just a few of the tips that you can use to help you sort the good and the bad from the downright ugly.

Don’t hire someone who is going door to door throughout your neighborhood

Would you hire a dentist that was knocking on doors in hopes of drumming up business? We’re guessing the answer is “no.”  Reputable companies don’t canvas neighborhoods in search of new clients. A lot of times, when this happens, the person who is knocking is either A) an unlicensed contractor or B) a scam artist that’s only interested in getting you to part with your money.

For example, in Nov. 2019, Fox 8 Live reported that a Louisiana man was arrested after he posed as a roofer and scammed an elderly woman out of approximately $2,000. According to their report, the man knocked on the 86-year-old woman’s door and offered to inspect her roof and repair storm damage.  He said he was both licensed and insured, and that he worked for a company called Expert Roof and Paving. However, it was later learned that her roof had not been damaged, that repairs were not needed, and that the company was “made up.”  He was eventually charged with residential contractor fraud and exploitation of the infirmed.

Never, ever trust a “roofer” that’s canvassing the neighborhood.

Check their credentials

Having a company tell you they’re licensed and insured is one thing. Being able to verify it is another.  Before you hire a roofing contractor, make sure they have a website. (If they don’t have a website, social media pages, or an online presence in general, this is a big, huge red flag.)  If they’re advertising on Craigslist and that’s the only place you can find them—this is another big red flag.

If all of their online reviews are terrible— again— Big. Red. Flag.

Make sure you get everything in writing

Lastly, reputable roofers will provide you with a detailed quote. The quote should include their company name, address, email address, license number, a full breakdown of labor and materials costs, and an expiration date. If the person you’re speaking with is reluctant to put anything in writing, or the only thing they’re willing to give you is a number that’s been jotted down on a sheet of notebook paper- this isn’t someone you want to hire.

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