Everyone likes to save money when and where they can.  For example, if you need to buy a new dining room set, big-screen television, or clothes for your kids, and you know a sale is coming up, would you make those purchases today, or would you hold off for a bit?

Being thrifty is one thing but throwing caution to the wind as a means of saving a few bucks, is another. 

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to repair or replace your roofing system, you should absolutely get a few quotes, but that’s not to say that you should always go with the cheapest bid.  This is especially true if one bid comes in quite a bit lower than the others.

Reputable roofing company

Reputable roofing contractors will provide you with a written quote, on company letterhead, that provides a full breakdown of your costs. It should include labor costs, materials costs, and other key information about the project. The quote should also include the company’s contractor’s license number, their contact information, and their address.  It’s also worth noting that most quotes have an expiration date, such as “this quote is good for 30 days,” or something similar.

If you get a quote that’s jotted down on a spare piece of paper, it does not include the company’s information, and it makes no mention of their contractor’s license number, consider that to be a big red flag. In this instance, the company likely isn’t licensed, insured, and you’ll have no guarantees that the work would be started on time, completed on time, or that they won’t just take your money and run.

When you start the process of vetting roofers, be sure to research their online presence, their online reviews, and the Better Business Bureau website. If their reviews are favorable and they have a website, at least one social media website, and you’re able to verify their credentials, that company is likely a good choice.

On the other hand, if you can’t find this company anywhere online, their online reviews are terrible, and the only information you can find on them comes from a Craigslist posting, this is not a company you should do business with.

For more information about how to choose a reputable roofing company, and how choosing the right roofers can save you thousands in the long run, call our office today to speak with an expert.