A well-installed roof will last a long time– but it won’t last forever. If you’re wondering if you should be talking with Naples, FL roofing contractors about re-roofing your home, below are just a few of the signs that you should start making their calls.

Your roofing system is older than your recent-college-graduate adult child

Most experts agree that an asphalt shingle roofing system will last between 25-30 years. So- if you haven’t had your roof redone since before your now-college-graduate adult child was born– it may be time to start looking into roof replacement. The good news is that just because this job is on the horizon, that doesn’t mean it needs to be done today. When you start talking to contractors, ask if they can provide you with a free roof inspection and estimate. There’s a chance you may get a few more years out of your current roofing system.

Your shingles are curling (or missing)

Southwest Florida is no stranger to hurricane and gale-force winds. Now, while needing to replace a few wayward shingles isn’t always indicative of a larger problem (especially if you still have back-stock from the last time you reroofed your home), if the color of the shingles you have in your garage—no longer match the color of the shingles you have on top of your home, it might be time for a new roofing system. No one wants to have a roof that looks like a patchwork quilt.

Similarly, if your shingles no longer lie flat, and they’re starting to curl up at the edges (also known as cupping), or your shingles are starting to bubble up in the middle (which is referred to as clawing), you’ll want to talk to an experienced roofer sooner than later.

Your metal roof is showing signs of storm damage

Are your fasteners starting to wallow out? Is it starting to rust? Has your roofing system started to leak? If so, it may be time to speak with a metal roofing expert. Although metal roofing systems last longer than asphalt shingle roofs (on average, a well-cared-for metal roofing system could last 40+ years), there’s always a chance you’ll need to redo your roof before then. If you think it’s time to replace your roof, contact an expert to get a professional opinion.

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